MSI Mystic Light – device lighting control

Type of Windows [MB]
Mystic Light 3 10 – 7 03.02.2020 46.8 Download
Dragon Center ten 12/27/2021 UWP version 510 Download

MSI Mystic Light is a utility to control the LED lighting of your MSI brand devices. With the help of the program, you can personalize the appearance of your computer by adjusting the color palette on different components individually.

On an MSI laptop with Windows 8 / 7, the utility is installed separately. If you have Windows 10, you need Dragon Center. How to use the Mystic Light system, starting from installation, is described on the manufacturer’s website on this page .

13 different backlight modes are available to the user, which look amazing under certain conditions.

Mystic Light Sync

The technology allows you to connect several peripheral devices together and synchronize the operation of their backlight.

Mystic Light mobile application

MSI developers have gone further and implemented convenient utilities for controlling the backlight from a smartphone. Now you can change visual effects at any time remotely.

Choose the operating system that suits you and take advantage of the mobile utility:

  • Android
  • iOS

Mystic Light SDK

The company offers enthusiastic developers to independently understand the operation of Mystic Light technology. With the SDK, you can extend the backlight control technology with additional benefits.

  • The SDK supports C++ and C# programming. Based on the Microsoft development environment
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