Driver not installed (error code 28, 31, 37 and others)

In the process of working on a computer, from time to time certain problems may arise with the operation of any of the devices. The most common and in most cases effective troubleshooting method is to troubleshoot problems using the operating system. The DeviceDiagnostic utility for Windows 7 – 10 can be downloaded here , the file is only 1 KB.

To work you need an internet connection. The file is launched by double-clicking, then you need to click the Next button and wait for the result of the program. Then follow the prompts that appear on the screen. After troubleshooting, you may need to restart your computer.

If the diagnostic program did not help, it is useful to find out the error code:

  • find the problematic hardware marked with a yellow triangle in the device manager and open the pop-up menu,
  • click Properties, the code is registered in the Device Status window,
  • click Update driver. The system will find it on the network and install it.

However, simply updating drivers does not always help, as corrupted software can interfere with the update. As, for example, in the following cases.

Code 3 . The driver is corrupted.
Code 18 . Reinstall drivers.
Code 28 . Drivers are not installed.
Code 31 . The device is not working properly because the driver could not be loaded.
Code 32 . The driver (service) has been disabled.
Code 37. Failed to initialize the driver.
Code 39 . The driver cannot be loaded because it is corrupted or missing.

If your system has errors with the codes listed above, you must uninstall the old driver before updating:

  1. Right-click on the equipment line and click on the Delete line in the list.
  2. On the Action tab, find Update hardware configuration. The driver will be automatically reinstalled.

If necessary, download the latest software from the manufacturer’s website and, when prompted by the system, specify the path to the folder where it is saved.

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