HDMI driver

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is an interface for transmitting high-definition and resolution multimedia, as well as digital audio signals with simultaneous copy protection. The connection is made using a cable (with appropriate connectors) and no HDMI driver is needed.

If you connected a TV to a computer via HDMI connectors, but there were problems in the form of no sound or image, or your laptop does not see a second monitor connected via this interface at all, the reason is not the absence of an hdmi driver for the cable.

First of all, you need to check the connection: is the cable inserted into the connectors well and is the correct port selected on the TV (check the manufacturer’s instructions). Then check the settings on both devices.

On the computer, check which of the connection modes for the second monitor is selected. For Windows 10 – 7, press the key combination Win + P and a pop-up window will appear on the screen (this is how it looks on Windows 10 ),

  1. In Projector Off (Computer screen only) mode, there will be no image on the TV.
  2. Choose Duplicate (Repeated) if you want to get the same picture on the second screen as on the main one.
  3. The Projector Only (Second Screen Only) mode is useful as a temporary workaround if your laptop display is not working.
  4. The Expand option will allow you to work on your computer and watch TV at the same time.

The TV also needs some settings. Refer again to the manufacturer’s user manual or read this article for step-by-step instructions on how to connect the hdmi cable. There is also another hint there: what to do when there is an image on the TV, but there is no sound.

If all the settings are correct, try to look for which of the three components of the connection may be the problem: computer, monitor or HDMI cable . This can only be done by trial, using another TV, laptop or cable. On a TV or monitor, it is rare, but still there are non-working connectors. Cables fail too, besides, it’s bad if they are too long. In such cases, amplifiers are needed, and they are placed at the input of the TV.

If you have a problem with your computer, check your video adapter drivers first. Perhaps you have an outdated version, and the manufacturer’s website has fresh software. Details on what to do in general, if you don’t even know which video card is installed on your laptop, are described here . Do the software update with the TV connected via HDMI cable.

If the malfunction on the laptop is not of a software nature, but the matter is in the video card itself or the HDMI connector, then they will have to be replaced.

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