How to install drivers on a laptop

You have just reinstalled Windows on your laptop and you need to install the drivers for everything to work properly. There are many ways to do this. Below are the ones I use myself.

Downloading drivers from the manufacturer’s website

On the back cover of the laptop, we look at the device model (the manufacturer is usually written on the panel with the display).

  1. We go to the website of the laptop manufacturer’s company (in the search bar of the browser we write the company of the manufacturer of your laptop – for example HP, ASUS, ACER …).
  2. We are looking for a search box on the site. We hammer in our model there and look for it.
  3. On the page with your laptop model, go to the ‘Support’ section and then to the ‘Software and Drivers’ section.
  4. Choose your operating system and bit depth .
  5. Download all the drivers and install them in the right order (see the section below).

Here are 6 easy steps to properly install laptop drivers.

Driver installation order

In order for everything to be installed and work correctly without problems, it is not only desirable, but mandatory to follow the order of installing drivers on a laptop or personal computer:

  1. Chipset or system logic
  2. Embedded video
  3. Audio
  4. Drivers for discrete graphics card
  5. LAN (local area network)
  6. WiFi
  7. Everyone else (in any order).

The main thing from this list, first of all, is to install drivers for the chipset. For other devices, the order is less important.

Installation via

The same official drivers are on our website, only they are much easier to find and they are already sorted in the right order. As, for example, in the article for HP 2000-2d78SR : you must first install the Intel chipset driver, then the integrated Intel video, Realtek audio, and so on.

In the search box, specify your laptop model, find the table with the desired operating system, download the drivers in order and install them. If you did not find your model, please write a comment to any article. We will definitely add it within a day or two. Thank you.

If there are no drivers for my operating system on the official website or on

For this, I specially wrote an article of the same name . Get to know her, please. If the recommendations do not help you or you do not find a driver for your device by ID, then use the utilities below.

Driver Pack Solution

  1. DriverPack Solution – Free

To be honest, I prefer installing drivers from the official website (or from ). My former boss has a lot of respect for DriverPack Solution. Since I respect my boss, even the former one, I cannot but recommend DriverPack Solution to you.

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