How to keep drivers when reinstalling Windows 7/8/8.1/10

As a program for creating a backup or backup of drivers (from English backup – backup), you can use the utility to automatically update DriverPack Solution drivers:

  1. We go here and download the DriverPack Online application from the link from the table.
  2. Run the file, open the DriverPack menu (button with three horizontal dashes) and select ‘Backup Drivers’ .
  3. We are waiting .
  4. The backup was created successfully .
  5. Save the EXE file in a safe place .

To install the saved drivers, you need to run the EXE file and click ‘Install’.

A few years ago, I saved all the drivers in distributions in a special folder on drive D (according to my Install). He was probably afraid that when the system was reinstalled, there would be no access to the network and, therefore, it would not be possible to log in and download a fresh driver. After the appearance of the second computer, I stopped doing this, since you can always download from another PC, transfer them with a USB flash drive and install them.

Most likely, the save option will come in handy if there were problems with the installation. For example, there was no software for your system on the official website and you have been looking for a suitable driver by ID for a long time, you finally found it and do not want to do it again (or maybe more).

It is also interesting in what sequence the installation from the backup is carried out. Share if you had any problems after restoring saved drivers. Thank you.

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