ASUS A53SM / K53SM / X53SM laptop drivers

Windows 8 64-bit

Intel INF Update 3.0 [MB] Download
VGA Intel 277.1[MB] Download
AudioRealtek 114.9[MB] Download
VGA NVIDIA 236.1[MB] Download
Card Reader Alcor 9.0[MB] Download
Card Reader Realtek 6.1.8400.39030 10.9[MB] Download
Touchpad Elantech 65.6[MB] Download
Touchpad Synaptics 130.8[MB] Download
USB3.0 AsMedia 3.4[MB] Download
USB3.0 Fresco 5.5[MB] Download
USB3.0 AsMedia
X53SM 3.6[MB] Download
Intel Management Engine 54.6[MB] Download
Intel RST 0.5[MB] Download
Infineon Trusted Platform 42.2[MB] Download
Lan Realtek 8.003.0730.2012 5.5[MB] Download
Lan Atheros 5.6[MB] Download
WiFi Atheros 37.0[MB] Download
WiFi Intel 80.4[MB] Download
Bluetooth Atheros 181.6[MB] Download
Bluetooth Intel 2.6.1209.0268 38.7[MB] Download
TV tuner Yuan 5.2[MB] Download
TV Tuner Yuan
A53SM / X53SM 6.7[MB] Download

ASUS A53SM / K53SM / X53SM laptop driver kit (audio, video, network, WiFi and others).

If you have an operating system version that is not listed here, read this article for helpful tips on finding software.

Windows 7 64-bit

Intel INF Update 2.6[MB] Download
VGA Intel 80.9[MB] Download
AudioRealtek 99.5[MB] Download
nVidia Graphics
A53SM 217.6[MB] Download
K53SM/X53SM 217.5[MB] Download
Card Reader Realtek 6.1.7600.10010 8.1[MB] Download
Touchpad Elantech 11.1[MB] Download
Touchpad Synaptics 43.7[MB] Download
USB3.0 AsMedia 3.4[MB] Download
Intel Management Engine 0.3[MB] Download
Intel RST 0.5[MB] Download
Intel The Turbo Boost Monitor 1.0.400.4 17.6[MB] Download
Lan Realtek 5.6[MB] Download
WiFi Intel 52.2[MB] Download
WiFi Intel 52.2[MB] Download
WiFi Azurewave NB037 124.7[MB] Download
WiFi Azurewave 0.7[MB] Download
WiMAX Intel 6.1.1020.26 10.9[MB] Download
Intel WiMAX Wireless LAN
5.30.1005.3 10.9[MB] Download
Bluetooth Azurewave 100.0 [MB] Download
Bluetooth Intel 6.8[MB] Download
Bluetooth Intel
X53SM 38.7[MB] Download
Camera Azurewave 5.8.55133.208 3.7[MB] Download

Utilities 64-bit

Name Windows
ASUS Tutor eight 1.0.8 22.6[MB] Download
Intel Wireless Display eight 248.5[MB] Download
7 131.0 [MB] Download
ASUS Splendid Video eight 1.03.0005 15.4[MB] Download
7 1.02.0041 13.7[MB] Download
Enable ASUS OSD for Upgrading eight 1.0 37.2[MB] Download
Life Frame3 eight 3.1.9 25.3[MB] Download
7 3.0.29 25.3[MB] Download
ASUS Wireless Switch (Wireless Console3) eight 3.0.35 9.5[MB] Download
7 3.0.27 4.0 [MB] Download
Keyboard Filter eight 0.2[MB] Download
7 0.2[MB] Download
Power4Gear Hybrid eight 2.1.1 10.6[MB] Download
7 1.1.43 10.6[MB] Download
ASUS Live Update eight 3.1.9 8.2[MB] Download
7 3.1.7 6.7[MB] Download
ATKACPI driver + hotkey-related eight 1.0.0023 11.5[MB] Download
7 1.0.0020 10.3[MB] Download
ASUS Instant Connect 7 1.2.2 6.7[MB] Download
MyBitCast 7 0.7[MB] Download
ASUS FaceLogon 7 1.0.0014 7.6[MB] Download
ASUS Virtual Camera 7 1.0.25 1.9 [MB] Download
ASUS FancyStart 7 1.1.1 16.2[MB] Download
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