ASUS K53Z / K73TA laptop drivers (Windows 7)

AMD Chipset x32 8.903.0.0000 173.9[MB] Download
AMD Chipset x64 8.903.0.0000 173.9[MB] Download
AMD Chipset Compal x32K73TA 0.2[MB] Download
AMD Chipset Compal x64K73TA 0.2[MB] Download
Realtek Audio Compal x32 133.5[MB] Download
Realtek Audio Compal x64K73TA 125.8[MB] Download
Realtek Audio x32K53Z 133.5[MB] Download
Realtek Audio ALC269 SM x32K73TA 125.8[MB] Download
Realtek Audio x64K73TA 86.1[MB] Download
Realtek Multi-CardReader x32 6.1.7600.30127 9.5[MB] Download
Realtek Multi-CardReader x64 6.1.7600.30127 9.5[MB] Download
Sentelic Touchpad x32 15.8[MB] Download
Sentelic Touchpad x64 15.8[MB] Download
Elantech Touchpad x32 9.2[MB] Download
Elantech Touchpad x64 11.0[MB] Download
Realtek LAN x32 7.43.0321.2011 5.5[MB] Download
Realtek LAN x64 7.43.0321.2011 5.5[MB] Download
Atheros Wireless Lan x32 17.6[MB] Download
Atheros Wireless Lan x64 17.6[MB] Download
Liteon WLAN x32K53Z 15.5[MB] Download
Liteon WLAN x64K53Z 16.0[MB] Download
Liteon Compal WLAN x32K73TA 16.0[MB] Download
Liteon Compal WLAN x64K73TA 15.5[MB] Download
Azurewave Bluetooth x32 171.1[MB] Download
Azurewave Bluetooth x64 171.1[MB] Download
Liteon Bluetooth x32 99.9[MB] Download
Liteon Bluetooth x64 99.9[MB] Download
Keyboard Device Filter x32 0.1[MB] Download
Keyboard Device Filter x64 0.2[MB] Download
ASUS USB Charger Plus x64 2.0.4 4.6[MB] Download

Driver set for ASUS K53Z / K73TA laptop (AMD Chipset, audio, VGA, Touchpad, network, WiFi and others) for Windows 7 32/64-bit .

This article will help with drivers for Windows 8/8.1/10 .


Name Bit
ASUS USB Charger+ 64 2.0.4 4.6[MB] Download
ASUS Live update 32/64 3.6.8 11.3[MB] Download
Power4Gear Hybrid 32 1.1.50 12.4[MB] Download
64 1.1.50 12.4[MB] Download
ASUS Virtual Camera 32 1.0.24 1.9 [MB] Download
64 1.0.24 1.9 [MB] Download
ASUS FaceLogon 32 1.0.0013 7.5[MB] Download
64 1.0.0013 7.5[MB] Download
Life Frame3 32 3.0.27 25.0 [MB] Download
64 3.0.27 25.0 [MB] Download
ASUS Splendid 32 1.02.0036 13.8[MB] Download
64 1.02.0034 13.7[MB] Download
ASUS USB Charger Plus 32 2.0.5 4.6[MB] Download
64 2.0.5 4.6[MB] Download
AMD System Monitor 32 1.0.8 1.0 [MB] Download
64 1.0.8 1.0 [MB] Download
ASUS Wireless Console3 32 3.0.24 4.0 [MB] Download
64 3.0.24 4.0 [MB] Download
ATKACPI and hotkey-related 32 1.0.0014 7.8[MB] Download
64 1.0.0014 7.8[MB] Download
ASUS FancyStart 32 1.1.1 16.2[MB] Download
64 1.1.1 16.2[MB] Download
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