ASUS X501A laptop drivers

Windows 8.1 64-bit

VGA Intel 159.6[MB] Download
LAN Realtek 8.021.0909.2013 5.7[MB] Download
WiFi Ralink 24.3[MB] Download
WiFi Atheros 39.4[MB] Download
BlueTooth Atheros 94.7[MB] Download
BlueTooth Ralink 11.0.748.2 81.2[MB] Download

A set of drivers and utilities for laptop ASUS X501A.

If the operating system you need is not here, read here how to search for drivers yourself.


  • ASUS Live Update
  • ASUS Power4Gear Hybrid
  • ASUS Splendid Video
  • ATK package
  • Keyboard Device Filter
  • ASUS Instant On .
  • ASUS Virtual Camera Utility
  • ASUS Wireless Console3
  • ASUS Instant On
  • ASUS MyBitCast

Windows 8 64-bit

Intel INF Update 4.1[MB] Download
VGA Intel 139.2[MB] Download
AudioRealtek 106.1[MB] Download
Card Reader Realtek 6.2.9200.27030 10.9[MB] Download
ASUS Smart Gestures 1.0.36 13.2[MB] Download
Intel Management Engine Interface 54.5[MB] Download
Intel Rapid Storage Technology 0.5[MB] Download
LAN Realtek 8.003.0730.2012 5.6[MB] Download
Foxconn WiFi 20.1[MB] Download
WiFi Atheros 35.5[MB] Download
BlueTooth Foxconn 9.0.720.5 72.9[MB] Download
BlueTooth Atheros 181.6[MB] Download
ASUS Wireless Radio Control 0.1[MB] Download

Windows 7

Driver Bit
Intel INF Update 32 2.9[MB] Download
64 2.8[MB] Download
VGA Intel 32 113.5[MB] Download
64 164.6[MB] Download
AudioRealtek 32 102.0[MB] Download
64 108.8[MB] Download
Card Reader Realtek 32 6.1.7601.27015 10.8[MB] Download
64 6.1.7601.27015 10.8[MB] Download
ASUS Smart Gestures 32 1.0.32 12.6[MB] Download
64 1.0.32 12.6[MB] Download
Touchpad Synaptics 64 112.8[MB] Download
Touchpad Elantech 64 143.2[MB] Download
Intel USB3.0 32 5.2[MB] Download
64 13.6[MB] Download
Intel Management Engine Interface 32 61.2[MB] Download
64 61.2[MB] Download
Intel Rapid Storage Technology 32 0.5[MB] Download
64 0.5[MB] Download
LAN Realtek 32 7.061.0612.2012 5.7[MB] Download
64 7.048.0823.2011 5.5[MB] Download
Foxconn WiFi 32 10.8[MB] Download
64 10.8[MB] Download
WiFi Atheros 32 21.4[MB] Download
64 21.4[MB] Download
BlueTooth Atheros 32 110.5[MB] Download
64 110.4[MB] Download
BlueTooth Foxconn 32 9.1.692.42 53.6[MB] Download
64 9.1.692.42 53.6[MB] Download
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