ASUS X52F / X52JC laptop drivers (Windows 7)

Intel INF Update 2.3[MB] Download
Intel Video x32
X52F 38.1[MB] Download
Intel Video x64
X52F 81.8[MB] Download
Intel Video x32
X52JC 38.4[MB] Download
Intel Video x64
X52JC 40.3[MB] Download
Conexant Audio 52.0[MB] Download
Audio 39.3[MB] Download
nVidia x32
X52JC 91.3[MB] Download
nVidia x64
X52JC 155.9[MB] Download
JMicron Card Reader
X52JC 0.9 [MB] Download
Elantech touchpad x32
X52F 5.9[MB] Download
Elantech touchpad x32
X52JC 5.9[MB] Download
Elantech touchpad x64 6.9[MB] Download
TOUCHPAD x32 5.9[MB] Download
TOUCHPAD x64 6.9[MB] Download
Intel MEI 6.1[MB] Download
Intel RST x64
X52F 0.4[MB] Download
Intel RST x32
X52JC 0.4[MB] Download
Intel RST x64
X52JC 0.4[MB] Download
Intel Matrix Storage
X52F 0.3[MB] Download
The Turbo Boost Monitor 14.6[MB] Download
X52F 1.0 [MB] Download
JMICRON JMC251 LAN 1.1[MB] Download
Azurewave NB037 WLan / 89.0 [MB] Download
Azurewave WLAN / 146.8[MB] Download
Azurewave GE781 WLAN x32 0.6[MB] Download
AzurewaveNE785 WLAN x32 0.6[MB] Download
Azurewave NE785 WLan x64
X52F 0.7[MB] Download
AzurewaveNE785 WLAN x64 0.6[MB] Download
Intel WiFi family x32 41.7[MB] Download
Intel WiFi family x64 47.7[MB] Download
Intel 1000 WiFi x32 6.2[MB] Download
Intel 1000 WiFi x64 7.1[MB] Download
Intel 6200 WiFi x32
X52F 6.2[MB] Download
Intel 6200 WiFi x64
X52F 7.1[MB] Download
Intel 6250 WiFi x32 6.2[MB] Download
Intel 6250 WiFi x64
X52JC 7.1[MB] Download
Intel 6250 WiFi
X52F 47.7[MB] Download
Intel 6250 WiMAX x32
5.20.1002.3 10.0[MB] Download
Intel 6250 WiMAX x64
5.20.1002.3 10.7[MB] Download
Intel 6250 WiMAX x32 5.20.1005.3 10.0[MB] Download
Intel 6250 WiMAX x64 5.20.1005.3 10.7[MB] Download
Intel WiMAX x32
5.30.1005.3 9.7[MB] Download
Intel WiMAX x64
5.30.1005.3 10.9[MB] Download
Intel WiMAX x64
5.10.1046.3 10.7[MB] Download
Intel WiMAX Family x64
6.1.1020.26 10.9[MB] Download
Intel WiMAX Tutorial x32
X52F 7.5[MB] Download
Intel WiMAX Tutorial x64
X52F 7.5[MB] Download
Azurewave Bluetooth 55.6[MB] Download
BT270 Bluetooth 45.5[MB] Download
BT253 Bluetooth 57.6[MB] Download
Azurewave Camera x32 5.8.54000.207 3.5[MB] Download
Azurewave Camera x64 5.8.54000.207 3.4[MB] Download
Azurewave VB008 Camera x32
11.30.2010.0108 13.1[MB] Download
Azurewave VB008 Camera x64
11.30.2010.0108 13.1[MB] Download
Chicony Camera x32 1.5[MB] Download
Chicony Camera x64 1.5[MB] Download
Suyin Camera x32 6.5853.77.014 3.3[MB] Download
Suyin Camera x64 6.5853.77.014 3.3[MB] Download
Kb Filter x32 0.14[MB] Download
Kb Filter x64 0.18[MB] Download

Before downloading, check what bitness your Windows has ( help) .

A set of drivers for laptop ASUS X52F / X52JC under Windows 7.

Here is a detailed instruction: a story about what to do if there are no drivers for the desired OS .


Name Bit
ASUS Live Update 32 3.0.3 3.7[MB] Download
64 3.0.3 3.7[MB] Download
ASUS Vibe Fun Center 32 6.0[MB] Download
64 6.0[MB] Download
Power4Gear Hybrid 32/64 1.1.42 10.6[MB] Download
LifeFrame3 32/64 3.0.21 21.2[MB] Download
SmartLogon 32/64 1.0.0009 7.3[MB] Download
ATKACPI + hotkey-related
32/64 1.0.0005 8.9[MB] Download
32 1043.2.31.105 0.13[MB] Download
64 1.0.0007 7.8[MB] Download
ASUS Wireless Console3 32/64 3.0.19 1.3[MB] Download
ASUS Configuration 32/64 1.0.9 1.7[MB] Download
ASUS Fast Boot 32 1.0.6 0.9 [MB] Download
64 1.0.7 1.0 [MB] Download
ASUS Virtual Camera 32/64 1.00.0020 1.9 [MB] Download
ASUS Splendid Video 32/64 1.02.0028 14.5[MB] Download
Adobe Reader 32/64 9.0.1 63.8[MB] Download
ASUS FancyStart 32/64 1.0.8 8.0[MB] Download
MultiFrame 32/64 1.0.0021 2.6[MB] Download
ASUS IP Switch 32/64 1.0.0020 4.2[MB] Download
ASUS Data Security Manager 32/64 1.00.0014 8.8[MB] Download
System Monitor 32/64 3.0.0041 2.1[MB] Download
ASUS CopyProtect 32/64 1.0.0015 3.1[MB] Download
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