ASUS X73SV laptop drivers (Windows 7 64-bit)

Intel INF Update (32/64-bit) 2.5[MB] Download
Intel Graphics 86.1[MB] Download
nVidia Graphics 155.5[MB] Download
Realtek Audio 100.6[MB] Download
Athros LAN (32/64-bit) 0.2[MB] Download
Alcor Multi-Card Reader 1.2.0117.08443 8.1[MB] Download
Synaptics Touchpad 38.8[MB] Download
Elantech Touchpad 11.2[MB] Download
Intel WiFi Wireless LAN 55.5[MB] Download
Azurewave Wireless Lan 15.9[MB] Download
Azurewave Wireless Lan (32/64-bit) / 7.2.0 89.0 [MB] Download
Intel WiMAX Wireless LAN 6.5.1035.26 29.1[MB] Download
Azurewave NE155 Wireless Lan 31.0[MB] Download
Intel Bluetooth 36.4[MB] Download
Atheros Bluetooth 171.3[MB] Download
Azurewave Bluetooth 55.6[MB] Download
Intel Rapid Storage Technology 0.4[MB] Download
Intel Management Engine Interface 0.2[MB] Download
The Turbo Boost Monitor application (32/64-bit) 1.0.400.4 17.5[MB] Download
Keyboard Device Filter 0.2[MB] Download

This article and the video in it will help you decide on the bitness of Windows .

A set of drivers for ASUS X73SV laptop under Windows 7 (audio, video, network, WiFi and others).

Download the driver, unpack it, run the [.exe] file and follow the prompts of the installation wizard.

For Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10 – please pay attention to the section ‘Automatic driver installation’ . Using Windows Update + special utilities from Intel , AMD and NVIDIA , you can install the latest drivers for the chipset and graphics adapter. For other devices, drivers can be found by ID or try the ASUS Live Update utility below.


Name Windows Bit
Life Frame3 7 64 3.0.27 25.0 [MB] Download
Intel Wireless Display Application 7 64 135.9[MB] Download
ASUS Splendid Video Enhancement Technology 7 64 1.02.0033 13.0[MB] Download
ASUS Virtual Camera 7 64 1.0.24 1.9 [MB] Download
Power4Gear Hybrid 7 64 1.1.50 12.4[MB] Download
ASUS Live Update 7 64 3.0.8 4.0 [MB] Download
ASUS Wireless Switch (Wireless Console3) 7 64 3.0.24 4.0 [MB] Download
ASUS FaceLogon 7 64 1.0.0012 7.5[MB] Download
ATKACPI driver and hotkey-related utilities 7 64 1.0.0014 7.8[MB] Download
ASUS FancyStart 7 64 1.1.1 16.2[MB] Download
ASUS Fast Boot 7 64 1.0.9 1.0 [MB] Download
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