MSI CR60 / CR61 0M / CX61 / CX70 Notebook Drivers

Windows 8 64-bit

Intel Chipset 4.0 [MB] Download
Intel HD Graphics 137.2[MB] Download
Realtek HD Audio 131.8[MB] Download
(for MSI CX61)
311.51 237.3[MB] Download
NVIDIA GeForce GT730M/710M/645M/640M/635M/630M
(for CX61 / CX70)
311.00 237.1[MB] Download
Realtek Card Reader 6.1.8400.30136 11.0[MB] Download
Elantech Multi Touchpad 130.3[MB] Download
Intel ME 54.5[MB] Download
Intel RS 11.2[MB] Download
Realtek LAN 8.2.612.2012 5.6[MB] Download
Atheros WLAN NB100H 37.8[MB] Download
Intel Canyon Peak Centrino Wireless N135/130 + BT4.0 146.1[MB] Download
RealTeK WLan NE139H 2007.2.0706.2012 31.8[MB] Download
Atheros Bluetooth NB100H 182.5[MB] Download
Intel Bluetooth + Canyon Peak Centrino Wireless (N135 + BT4.0) 76.1[MB] Download
Intel Bluetooth N130 64.7[MB] Download
Radio Switch 1.0.7112.20593 0.8[MB] Download

Driver set for MSI CR60 / CR61 0M / CX61 / CX70 laptops under Windows 7 ( 32/64-bit ) and 8 (64-bit) [chipset, audio, Graphics, network, WiFi and others].

Here is a step-by-step action plan for finding software for Windows 10/8.1.

  • MSI Help Desk – help and technical specifications of the device.
  • MSI Super Charger – mobile phones can be quickly charged even when the laptop is turned off.
  • MSI SCM – function key action.

Windows 7

Intel 7 Chipset 2.9[MB] Download
Intel HD Graphics
(for CR61 0M / CR60) 136.9[MB] Download
Intel Graphics x32
(for CX61 / CX70) 112.8[MB] Download
Intel Graphics x32
(for CX61 / CX70) 151.5[MB] Download
Realtek Audio 127.1[MB] Download
NVIDIA GeForce 710(30)M/630(40)M/635(45)M x32
(for CX61 / CX70)
295.62 140.2[MB] Download
NVIDIA GeForce 710(30)M/630(40)M/635(45)M x64
(for CX61 / CX70)
297.07 228.2[MB] Download
NVIDIA GeForce GT730M x64
(for MSI CX61)
311.51 237.3[MB] Download
Realtek Card Reader 6.1.7600.30127 9.5[MB] Download
Elantech Multi touchpad
(for CR61 0M / CR60) 191.4[MB] Download
Elantech Multi touchpad
(for CX61/CX70) 21.0[MB] Download
Intel USB 3.0 6.8[MB] Download
Intel ME 1.1[MB] Download
Intel Rapid Storage Technology 11.3[MB] Download
Realtek LAN 7.46.610.2011 5.5[MB] Download
Atheros NB100H WLAN 17.6[MB] Download
RealTeK WLan NE139H 1005.27.928.2011 28.2[MB] Download
Intel Canyon Peak Centrino Wireless N130/135 + BT4.0 580.4[MB] Download
Intel Bluetooth + Intel Canyon Peak Centrino Wireless N135 + BT4.0 323.7[MB] Download
Intel Bluetooth N130
(for CX61 / CX70) 149.1[MB] Download
Atheros Bluetooth NB100H 172.5[MB] Download
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