Samsung NP550P5C-S01 (NP550P5C) laptop drivers for Windows 7

Chipset 2.9[MB] Download
VGA Intel x32 111[MB] Download
VGA Intel x64 148[MB] Download
Sound (audio) 103[MB] Download
VGA NVIDIA x32 145[MB] Download
VGA NVIDIA x64 190[MB] Download
Touchpad 212[MB] Download
USB 3.0 5.1[MB] Download
Intel Rapid Storage 11.4[MB] Download
LAN 7.50.1123.2011 5.2[MB] Download
Qualcomm Atheros WLAN 74.2[MB] Download
Qualcomm Atheros WLAN 36.1[MB] Download
WiFi Intel x32 61.5[MB] Download
WiFi Intel x64 68.1[MB] Download
WiFi ATHEROS x32 33.7[MB] Download
WiFi ATHEROS x64 33.7[MB] Download
Bluetooth 196[MB] Download
ExpressCache x32 5.3[MB] Download
ExpressCache x64 6.4[MB] Download
HECI 39.8[MB] Download

Here you can read (and watch the video) where information about the bitness of the system is on your laptop.

Drivers for Samsung NP550P5C-S01 (NP550P5C) laptop for Windows 7 [Chipset, Audio, VGA, Network, WiFi].

This article focuses on methods for finding drivers from laptop manufacturers. If you have Windows 8/8.1/10, you may find it useful.

Utilities from Samsung:

  • Recovery Solution 5
  • SideSync
  • SW update
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