Mustek 1200 UB / 1200 UB Plus / 1248 UB scanner driver

Model Windows Bit
1200UB XP 32/64 09/11/2007 and others 6.2[MB] Download
1200UB Plus 10-XP ( manual installation ) 32/64 and others 0.2[MB] Download
XP 32/64 09/11/2007 and others twenty 11.4[MB] Download
1248UB 10-XP 32/64 08/04/2015 and others 24.6[MB] Download

Drivers for scanners Mustek 1200 UB / 1200 UB Plus / 1248 UB. Unfortunately, the 1200 UB and 1200 UB Plus scanners only have drivers for Windows XP and below. There is an unofficial driver for Mustek 1200 UB Plus that is supposedly suitable for modern Windows operating systems.

For Windows Vista – 10 (32/64-bit), you can use VirtualBox or any other virtual machine. You need to install Windows XP on VirtualBox and use the official driver.

Option #2 – use VueScan ( supports scanners ). The utility is paid, but without virtual machines.

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