Driver for tablet Goclever TAB R83 / R83.2 / R83.3

Type of Model
firmware backup R83 03.02.2013 290[MB] Download
R83.2 / R83.3 18.02.2013 290[MB] Download
firmware backup,
solves back camera problems
R83.2 03/25/2013 291[MB] Download

Drivers for Goclever TAB R83 / R83.2 / R83.3 tablets are not needed, but there are firmware or software updates that solve certain problems, for example, fix bugs in the camera.

  • User manual for R83 in English 1.04 [MB] and for R83.2 / R83.3 in English and Polish 0.5 [MB],
  • Software update instructions for R83 and R83.2/R83.3 in English, file weight is 0.4 [MB].
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